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Welcome at Pichlberg!

Brief history of a new ski area

Long before the Reinswald ski area was opened up by the gondola lift, the Pichlberg was already seen by the people of Val Sarentino as their local mountain: as a place for walking to mountain farms and maintaining the tradition of lighting Sacred Heart fires and, in winter, for ski touring and tobogganing. And everything always on foot, of course.

The first Pichlberg hut was built when the lift was constructed in 1975. It has provided a wonderful service for many decades and has been a much valued meeting point for hikers and winter sport enthusiasts to have a rest, have something to eat and drink and enjoy a social gathering.

[Translate to English:] Einkehrmöglichkeit für Familien und Skifahrer

Over 40 years later, in the autumn of 2015, Peter Heiss launched the project to modernise the hut and was able to win the enthusiastic support of the "Mir Sarner" group for his proposal for the new building. The shareholders of the newly founded "Pichlberg GmbH" are 13 craft enterprises from Val Sarentino, the architect and a former owner of the Pichlberg hut.

The aim was that the Pichlberg Mountain Restaurant's special design concept should set new trends: a modern building with large glass façades, giving an unobstructed view of the unique panorama, natural building materials, a lot of natural stone and local larch wood. The new Pichlberg hut now stands gracefully in its sunny spot, harmoniously integrated into the characteristic mountain landscape.

[Translate to English:] Neues Genuss-Angebot im neuen Pichlberg

A chapel dedicated to St. Jacob has been built just a few meters away. It gives the old custom of celebrating St Jacob's Day (25 July) a fitting location and offers Pichlberg visitors the chance to enjoy a quiet moment of contemplation.

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